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Welcome to Dr. Laura Lee Larson!

Committed to helping executives uncover the breakdowns that occur in team and cross functional relationships that frequently lead to sub optimal engagement and performance.

Dr. Laura Lee Larson works with leaders to develop a plan and programs customized for their organization and teams. Their plan typically includes: individual assessment results, team workshops, a series of webinars, and individual coaching sessions.

Laura Lee had a thriving career in Sales leadership and learning capacities for over 20 years (Kraft, Pfizer, S.C. Johnson, Diageo, Miller-Coors, Wrigley-Mars) before starting her own Learning and Consulting LLC in 2010.

In 2009 she completed her dissertation with the focus on Exceptional Leadership and Mentoring.

She helped develop the Category Management Association (CMA) professional standards and was recruited to be the Certification Agent representing the CMA for five years from 2010-2015. She taught as an adjunct professor in DePaul University’s Sales Leadership program from 2008-2014, and mentors several of her past students. She is actively involved and on the board of Western Michigan University’s Food-Marketing program and is a facilitator in their “Emerging Leader” 4-day executive program.

Laura Lee is a certified practitioner in several leadership programs, and currently utilizes a best in class assessment instrument, Lumina Spark. (

Leadership and Training​

Team Building utilizing Lumina Spark

  • Gain awareness – understand Underlying, Everyday and Overextended qualities

  • Collectively learn team member’s strengths and the importance to encourage and leverage diversity

  • Practice a culture of appreciation

Management “101”

  • Demonstrate “Situational Leadership” (Directing, Training, Coaching, Delegating)

  • Practice the Coaching cycle GROWS

  • Illustrate Best Practices from foundational experts/authors

Conducting Open, Fierce Conversations

  • Employ authenticity and openness, during well-prepared difficult interventions (highlighting the best selling Scott book Fierce Conversations)
  • Develop a culture of mutual respect and trust

Discovering your Strengths

  • Build upon strengths and passions
  • Recognize individual blind spots and be open to coaching and feedback
  • Be a “strengths aware” team who encourages the sharing and the demonstrating of strengths to produce better business results!

Successful Category Management

  • Collaborate with Retail partners by understanding their shoppers and their capability needs
  • Develop truly trusting relationships (highlighting the best selling Covey book The Speed of Trust) based on character and competency

Selling Fundamentals

  • Practice the Persuasive Selling Model (Summarize the Situation, State the Big Idea, Explain how it works, Reinforce the key Benefits, Close!)
  • Respond to objections with clarity and confidence

Customers reviews

I first hired Dr. Larson in 2012 to work with my direct reports and me. We found the insights from Lumina Spark and Laura Lee’s training abilities so valuable that I have continued to bring her in every year since. Her work sessions, follow up, and new material builds upon our initial learning which is key to “keeping the team/leadership spirit alive”.  Also, my top leaders have really benefited from consistent 1:1 coaching with Laura Lee after their initial experience… As Laura Lee reminds me, “Managers touch many dinner tables across the country, and it is crucial for us to be the best servant leaders we can be.”
VP at Kellogg’s
Laura Lee is not an “off the shelf trainer” or someone who has only been in OD or HR… she is part of our team. She has attended several of our “confidential” meetings where engagement results, goals, etc are shared. She has walked in our steps and is helping us learn new ways of thinking and working – especially as leaders. My favorite lesson from her is the “Platinum/Diamond rule: Do unto others as they want” (not as you want says the Golden Rule) – it is a bit more challenging, but the efforts show so much care and respect.
VP at Con Agra
I really got a lot of value from learning about other team members’ Lumina Spark portraits – the work session helped me to understand how to work better with my team! I think it would be valuable to do this exercise with the entire office. I’ll bet the sales team would fall into different areas on the spectrum/mandala than our team.
Director at Red Bull

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