Laura Lee Larson, Ed.D.

Committed to helping executives uncover the breakdowns that occur in team and cross functional relationships that frequently lead to sub optimal engagement and performance.
Laura Lee Larson, Ed.D. works with leaders to develop a plan and programs customized for their organization and teams. Their plan typically includes: individual assessment results, team workshops, a series of webinars, and individual coaching sessions. Some of the benefits from her work include:
  • Strengths are leveraged individually and collectively to co-create more solid business solutions in a more timely manner
  • Communication is more effective – internally and with customers (everyone!)
  • Potential “less positive” qualities are understood and managed
  • Honesty and collaboration are observable, uniqueness is respected, and a culture of positive engagement is created
  • Superior business results are achieved

Offering team building sessions

  • Improve Communication and Collaboration Among Team Members

  • Leverage Individual and Team Strengths

  • Build Emotional Intelligence

  • Hold Fierce Conversations

Team Building Sessions


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