Team Building utilizing Lumina Spark

  • Gain awareness – understand Underlying, Everyday and Overextended qualities
  • Collectively learn team member’s strengths and the importance to encourage and leverage diversity
  • Practice a culture of appreciation

Management “101”

  • Demonstrate “Situational Leadership” (Directing, Training, Coaching, Delegating)
  • Practice the Coaching cycle GROWS
  • Illustrate Best Practices from foundational experts/authors

Conducting Open, Fierce Conversations

  • Employ authenticity and openness, during well-prepared difficult interventions (highlighting the best selling Scott book Fierce Conversations)
  • Develop a culture of mutual respect and trust

Discovering your Strengths

  • Build upon strengths and passions
  • Recognize individual blind spots and be open to coaching and feedback
  • Be a “strengths aware” team who encourages the sharing and the demonstrating of strengths to produce better business results!

Successful Category Management ​

  • Collaborate with Retail partners by understanding their shoppers and their capability needs
  • Develop truly trusting relationships (highlighting the best selling Covey book The Speed of Trust) based on character and competency

Selling Fundamentals

  • Practice the Persuasive Selling Model (Summarize the Situation, State the Big Idea, Explain how it works, Reinforce the key Benefits, Close!)
  • Respond to objections with clarity and confidence

Lumina Spark

Certified in several best in class instruments such as Lumina Spark
which is often utilized as a foundation for her programs. 

Lumina Spark Big Idea

Leadership Excellence


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